Irritating Midget

There’s this midget who keeps on fucking calling me and/or getting his people to call and ask me to join his so-called network of famous people.

He just doesn’t get it.

Maybe inside that big head of his lies miniscule and non-functioning brain cells that do not allow him to process and comprehend simple English words like I-AM-NOT-INTERESTED!

Even Mini-Me is asking you to FUCK OFF!

You can walk your midget ass around clubs dressed to the nines dude but you will never ever have class, nah mean? You can surround yourself with them little beauties but that wouldn’t change the fundamental fact that you are a loser.

So, bugger the fuck off and stop trying to recruit me! You can’t afford my services and I don’t want to be part of your pretentious network.

I only do things I like and whoring myself out for a penny is not on the list!

Capish, you midget?


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