Final Steps to Freedom

Yesterday, I went to the office for the very last time.

As I cleared my personal stuff from my cubicle, I looked around and couldn’t help but feel a little sad as I saw a few teary-eyed colleagues wanting to say goodbye but don’t know how.

And as I walked with our HR generalist to a meeting room to do my official handover, she turned to me and said, “you know everyone is gonna miss you right?” I smiled at her and replied “not all la but yes, I know most of them will do”.

I have gone from this...

... to this :)

She had difficulties processing my exit, even making mistakes on the forms I had to signed off and I just told her that I completely understand, even kiddingly opined that it’s never easy for any organization and its people to lose the most brilliant and charming personnel they have.

I know it was difficult for most people to comprehend what I did but they all understood. As I drove away from the building, I looked back one last time and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Goodbye Dell!

And as I pushed on the pedal, turning the building into nothing but a distant sight, I just smiled…


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