Do You Know Why I Don't Like You?

I know some of y’all are disappointed and/or worried about my decision to leave but in all honesty, I know this is the best and the right thing to do.

My departure surprised a lot of people in the company, save of course for those who are very close to me. When it finally sunk in that I am really gone, the outpour of congratulations, good-lucks and other emotions started; I received 79 calls alone last night and another 63 this morning, on top of the 212 texts I got telling me that I made the right choice and other pertinent messages.

Now, if you were truly my friend and do not treat me as a business venture, you will understand that I had to do what I did. It’d be great if you can be happy for me too as opposed to calling for an emergency meeting as if the fucking Prime Minister has been shot or something.

And now you know why I am not really close to you. I wanted to, tried to but I was able to pierce through you. To you, I am nothing but a business friend whom you had to be nice to because I gave you, yes I GAVE you, the account just like that. And do you honestly think that you will have it when I’m gone? Who are you kidding?

You know, I could have easily set aside your plasticness and pretense as you have great people working under you and whom I am truly, truly fond of and privileged to have worked with. But when you started snooping around within your network, asking your counterparts about me and my ex-company, did you ever think that I won’t find out?

I may be a 'friend' lent to you in the name of business but the very people you asked are my true friends, and they in turn advised me to be careful when dealing with you.

Now you know why I stopped trying to be friends with you. Now you know why I am closer to your peeps. It is not because they don’t like you, hate your guts actually, but because they supported my decision without questions.

And for that, they deserve to know the truth behind my need to leave. And I could only hope, for your sake, they tell you.

And when I come back, I want am gonna demand changes; major changes and it starts without you playing no part.

Get to know who I truly am and once you do, you'd know that I do things before I say I will do them.

Na’ mean?


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