Do People Really Change?

Finally, I managed to communicate personally to this vey famous blogger my personal feelings towards how she has changed from the lovely and real girl she was once to the pretentious young woman that she has become.

As I was leaving Zouk last night, after attending a friend's birthday party, I found myself faced-to-faced with her. And before I could debate whether to tell her - coz seriously I just lost it for her - we were already talking.

Do people really change?

And knowing that she has now reached 'celebrity' status and most probably wouldn't give a fuck about what I had to say, I just blurted it out to her; telling her that whereas once I used to follow her blog religiously because of her realness and positivity about the world, I now find myself completely flabbergasted, disgusted and disappointed to what she has become.

Initially, she looked shocked at my brutal honesty but seconds after that, as she was explaining to me the circumstances and/or reasons for the turnabout, I saw the kid that I used to admire once again and it really surprised me.

Damn! She is still there somewhere despite the entire pretense that is now surrounding her.

How many of us see a different person when we reflect?

And as I am writing this, I can’t help but think if she is still, deep down, the same person but finds herself with no choice but to play the pretentious part to attract and/or maintain endorsements.

Do people really change?


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