Atonement. Redemption. Unconditional kindness.

This is what I have to do, I guess.

I need to atone for the stupidity and low intellectual depth of the people I work with.

I need to apologize to the external people and organizations we work with for my colleagues’ imbecility.

I need to redeem myself from this filthy association as I always feel that I need to cleanse my soul and my physical self from all those times that I spent interfacing with these pretentious folks.

I also need to release myself from the mental torture that I go through every day when I interact with them.

Lastly, when the time comes when parting is the only alternative left, I need to be kind to those who wronged me. I may not want to but I need to. For myself, for the ones I loved and for my future.

For only through unconditional kindness in forgiving those who wronged us can we truly move forward and continue our life journey.



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