To most, the numbers above connote the first day of the new year and understandably so.

But for me, it is more than just that.

Those in the sneakerworld - be it Niketalk or ISS or even our local Streething- who knows me would tell you that I go by the name of ckliio9. And of these people, only a handful knows what it stands for.

I am always asked what my nick stands for, always. All these years, I always tell them that if they get to know me well enough, then they would eventually put two and two together and unmask what it actually means.

Anyways, 1.1.09 means more to me than just that of the beginning of the New Year. If you look closely, 1.1.09 pretty much looks like the 2nd part of my nick, i.e. iio9 :) The first part of my nick is CKL but that is another story.

New Year, Same Gorgeous Face!

1.1.09 being a special day, I spent it with the most special woman - besides my mom – in my life, my beloved Small Baby. We kept it simple and near; we went to 1 Utama for lunch and because My Small Baby is still suffering from what I call “Italian Food-withdrawal syndrome”, we had Italian for lunch.

The Past that we both had

It was a special day for me personally but it was made more special because I was able to spend it with the one woman who still gives me butterflies whenever I’m with her, the one woman whose gorgeous looks and gregarious personality makes me thank the Benevolent God every single day for blessing my life.

WDYWT 1.1.09 AJ IV Black/Tour Yellow White (Thunder and Lighting Pack)

The last time I wore them was in January 2007 and even then, only wore the left pair! LOL


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