Time to do something

The week that just concluded made me realize that I seriously need to reflect on a lot of things, specially with how things are at work right now.

There’s just been too many thing happening lately that I don’t even know if I still have the courage and energy to continue fighting a bunch of idiots whose main existence seem to be trying to put a halt to the greatness that I have been doing and posed to be doing in the coming months.

Time to reflect: Should I or Souldn't I?

Part of me thinks that I should not back down as doing so will only dampen the spirit of those who place their hopes in me. On the other hand, I can’t help but feel that it is pointless to fight when you know, even if you will keep on winning, it will never stop.

It has reached a point where the only way for us to really breathe is to get this motherfucker out of the whole department and for good measures, out of the organization. There’s nothing much to it really.

I'm a natural leader and people depend on me to make a difference

He has failed to bring the business to even a respectable position. While his predecessor makes it look easy achieving the stretch targets, he has been failing the last two quarters, failing really bad at that.

We only had a miserable 50% attainment of our base – not stretch ya? – target last Quarter and the outlook this Quarter is worst. How do you keep an imbecile like that is beyond me!

I guess it’s the culture of the company. I guess it’s his ass-licking capabilities. I guess failure is an expectation. Whatever it is, it is time for the powers that be to wake up and see that the motherfucker is one useless dude!

As for me, I still don’t know what I’ll do. But I’m confident that, in the next few days, I will find my inner self and will then know what the right thing to do is. But I have decided that I will keep my options open and will inform my headhunters soon that while I am not looking, I can be available.

The sun wil shine again once the dumb fool is fired!

Yes, available to lend my marketing brains to any MNC in the name of employment.

Oh, and of course, for the right price :)


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