TV Bumming

The last few weekends, I have been spending most of my days watching my favorite TV shows, specially when My Small Baby is not around.

I finished the entire season 6 of 24, entire season 5 and half of season 6 of One Tree Hill and have updated myself with the latest episodes of Gossip Girl (S2 Ep 12), Prison Break (S4 Ep 13), Chuck (S2 Ep9) and Heroes (S3 Ep 11).

Now, that’s a lot of TV bumming, don't you think so? LOL

I like these shows for various reasons. I have been addicted to Tree Hill since it started because it had something to do with Basketball. Plus, I love Peyton! Heroes makes you think; do people with powers really exists? I like think so...

Gossip girl because it reminds of my catholic school days; Prison Break because it just keeps me on the edge. Chuck because, well who doesn't like Chuck? And of course, who doesn't know Jack Bauer? In a way, I am like him. I don't give a fuck's ass who the bosses are, I just want to do things I'm supposed to do and I want to be able to do them greatly and things that I can be proud of when I look at my career in retrospect!

But this week, I took a temporary break from trying to ruin my eyes from watching too much TV. My Small Baby and I went to check the newly renovated Bangsar Shopping Center and much to our chagrin, the renovation was only aesthetics; the inside is very much the same as it was.

It’s been quite a while since we had paella and tapas in La Bodega and that was what My Small Baby and I had for dinner and as always, they are the bomb!

Anyways, I can’t wait to watch Man United’s game against Sunderland in a few hours from now. It’s kinda sad that Keano is no longer coaching them but on the flipside, at least we can run amok and whio their ass without having to be guilty hehehe


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