Just Pathetic!

Seriously, my boss is one pathetic dude!

I had my supposedly weekly 1x1 with him this morning and like always, he has the most pathetic reasons to pick on me! I’m not the kind to take unnecessary criticisms and baseless accusations; I have no issues at all if the criticisms are based on factual accounts but if you're just gonna blab about things that don't hold any water, then I suggest you just go and fuck yourself!

This time around, he picked on what I wore during the retail experiential store opening! How fucking stupid is that? I represent the Consumer business, not the stiff Corporate arm of the organization and of all people, he should know that!

If I were to face the media looking like the 'Men in Black's', the media and eventually the consumers in general wouldn't be able to relate, and this is the very reason why consumers are not fond of our Consumer Brands.

Fucking retard I tell you!

WDYWT 12/3: AJ III Retro Black Cement's (CDP)


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