Savoring Success

After the huge success of our Snow Globe unveil, the agency and I, together with my Small Baby adjourned to this little bar right at the end of the F&B junction in Pavilion.

My Small Baby and I: Nothing is greater than being able to share your successes with the one you love!

There we got to talking about what just actually happened; the fact that all our hard works and the endless nights we endured paid off with the realization of what we have been planning for weeks is a satisfaction you just couldn’t buy.

With some of my agency peeps:Arthur (Middle), the Client Services Director; Roni, the Creative Director (L) and Rachel Jr. aka Penang Girl, the AE (Top)

After that, while waiting for the hysteria to calm down a bit, we were invited to attend the silent disco presented by Below 42 and for a change, My Small Baby and I were able to listen to the music genre of our choice in one place and ended up having a blast in the process!

Partying at 42 Below's Silent Disco

The following night, I decided to fete the agency peeps who worked so hard in helping me fulfill a dream with a dinner and drinks at Palate Palette. It is truly rewarding to know that the agency peeps you work with share your visions and I'm truly blessed as this is what I am getting from the agency I am working with.

Rachel Jr and I

Mr Angry Man with the Rachels

My Small and I with Yvonne and Henry

My Small Baby and Yvonne

It was a night to share the success and toast future successes!

WDYWT 12/13 Air Jordan IV Tour Yellow


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