Pacman does it again!!!

God damn!

Manny Pacquaio, the diminutive little fella from General Santos, blew the world of boxing out of this world when he completely demolished Oscar De La Hoya in the 8th round of their fight in Las Vegas this morning (night time over at LV).

Pacman was the underdog in all counts but he proved to the world that it’s the heart that counts the most when it really matters; not your height and/or weight. And in this latest win, he has once and for all confirmed to the world that he is indeed the best pound-for-pound boxer in today's game!

He led from round 1 and just completely annihilated De La Hoya through 8 rounds of pure masterful boxing, sending the erstwhile golden boy of boxing to retirement for good.

There was no way De La Hoya could have continued beyond the 8th round. If he did, he would have been severely punished by Pac Man and in the end, the fight doctors did the right thing, giving the pride of the Philippines an 8 round TKO.

Imagine these stats after round 8: 224 v 83 punches landed and 195 v 51 power punches landed; how could anyone continue? God damn!

Go Pacman!


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