My Blog Is About My Life

And not the other way around.

Nor do I want it in any other way.

I have a great life.

I have awesome parents who brought me up extraordinarily.

I have a gorgeous woman who has the kindest soul ever.

I have a job that pays me more than most of you could ever hope for and a career that has given me so much credibility (and payouts) in my chosen profession.

I have real friends whom I can count on whenever the need arises and a lot of haters who provide me with the adrenalin to go out there and continue to always prove them wrong.

As you would have noticed by now, there are months when I blog a lot and other months when I don’t. Again, it is simply because my blog revolves around my life and certainly not the other way around.

The trend of blogging has changed from being a platform for one to write their deepest thoughts and feelings to a more commercial e-space where one expects to hopefully be noticed and eventually, be rewarded.

What happened to the essence of being real?

Gone are the days when blogging is a dais for one’s thoughts on the different topics of interests that grab their attention. Gone are the days when blogging is being true to yourself. Gone are the days when what matters is what you think matters and not what others think.

Feel me?

Bloggers in Malaysia are divided into a few categories:

i. we have the socio-political bloggers whom I have the deepest respect for. These are a bunch of guys who just wants to tell Malaysians another side of the stories that we hear and more often than not, it is their side that is mostly accurate and factual.

ii. Then we have the so-called celebrity bloggers who initially got into blogging for the right reasons but have somehow lost their way because of the commercialism that came with blogging.

iii. The wannabes. They are mostly in their early tertiary education that saw the chance to be glamorous and earn a little extra by doing the very same thing that most people in the second category have embraced.

Nowadays, even monkeys blog!

iv. And of course, you have the purists, the ones whom I respect the most. They are those who blog about their lives or certain aspects of their lives without giving a fuck whether those who read their respective blogs agree with what they have to say or not. And even when given the opportunity to be glamorous and earn a little something-something on the side, they chose to remain true and told the devil to go fuck himself in the ass!

I have nothing against the first, third and fourth kind of bloggers. The socio-political bloggers just want to tell us the truth. The wannabes are just young and naïve and to a certain extent, stupid for thinking that this is their ticket to success in the future. As for the purists, well, I have nothing but utmost respect for these mofo’s; in the face of commercialism and temptations of free stuff, they remained true to themselves and that is, in my book, what separates real people from the rest.

There are just too many wannabes nowadays

The ones I can’t stand and abhor the most are those who fall into the second category. They started with the noble intention of sharing their thoughts to the world but lost their soul by giving in to the temptations of commercialism.

A good example of this lost soul is someone whose blog I used to read religiously when she started. When she blogged about the daily tortures of college and her love life, she did it with so much realness that you can’t help but fall in-love (platonically, of course) with the persona of the person behind the blog.

She has lost her soul; whereas once she blogged with purity, not it's nothing but pretentiousness

Unfortunately, she allowed fame to get into her head (or lack of); she is now nothing but a pretentious bitch that can’t even get a fucking boyfriend because real man can see through her pretentious self. Well, I’m sure there are men out there who would want to hook up with her because of her celebrity status but, despite having become pretentious, she still maintained some of her brain cells to know what these men are up to.

Honestly, it is sad that she has succumbed to her earthly desires. Whereas she used to blog about what she wants in her life and with so much passion at that, she has now stoop so low so as to blog about how many pairs of shoes she has! Dude, you don’t know what shoes are until you speak and meet a bona fide sneakerhead.

Anyways, going back to where I started, unlike these people, my blog is about my life and not the other way around. I blog about what I think is important and the daily facets of my life.

But I’m not going to be blogging about each and everything that happens, in each and every minute of when it happens. I have a life to live and my blog can wait.

After all, it is my life that I blog about…

Oh well…


Anonymous said...

what I was looking for, thanks

Ivan Omar said...

Anytime :-)

Glad I could help.

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