Christmas came early this year!

This is a good ending to an otherwise so-so year.

But more importantly, this is a testament to my ability as an excellent Brand Marketer! Some people don't need to hustle, they just have to use their brains; if they have one, of course :)

My consultation fees for some Branding strategy works I did recently.

And if you have half of my brains, freelance works for a couple of months could get you such a bonus. I'm now gonna wait for my company bonus, due in a couple of weeks, and see if I get more than this.

I wonder how much the so-called 'celebrity bloggers' in the country get a year from all the whoring and kowtowing they have to do? I hope to God, for their sake, they get at least 10% of what I get and mine is only for a couple months of freelance work.

Not bad eh?


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