Impossible? Yeah Right!

They said it was too ambitious.

They said it could never be done.

They said it was impossible.

But impossible is what and when I thrive in the most.

I knew it was a daunting task right from the start. But I also knew that I had to be indefatigable in my pursuit to be relevant - mentally and emotionally - to our consumers in Malaysia, I knew I had to something special, something that no one have even dared to do and one that had never been done before; create a masterpiece, if you will, in order to be noticed.

And last night, that is what I just did!

On a beautiful, chilly night, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, I Managed to bring the Christmas spirit of beauty, love and joy to life as we unveiled the truly breathtaking, majestic sight and never-seen-before giant Snow Globe. The unveil itself was done with a sunburst of lights that lit up Jalan Bukit Bintang spectacularly and one that completely and literally brought traffic to a halt!

Officiating the unveil with the Intel rep

As it was being slowly unveiled, in the midst of countless and almost blinding camera flashes, I looked at the faces of those before and around me - shoppers, media personnel, guests, passers-by, bystanders and working people stuck in their cars – and all I saw was amazement and awe!

It's going up, up, up and Voila!

I knew then we have succeeded in creating a masterpiece!

The idea of celebrating this year-end holiday with an amazing creative ambient display, to showcase and reflect our consumers’ eclectic lifestyles and characters, was brought about by the simple realization that our consumers are dynamic, mobile and creative; they’re modern individuals who live large and unfettered lives.

My Snow Globe! It has snow flakes and it changes colors too!

My Snow Globe (well, I fucking came up with the idea so it is mine, even if it isn’t technically as it belongs to the company that I work for), with a radius of 15 feet, houses 6 reindeers painted with various designs and colors by and I specifically asked to make each reindeer as unique as possible.

Just look at the photogs and journalists who were in attendance!

Yes I may be perceived to be arrogant and cocky but then again, if you had my brains, then it’s only natural to be one! After all, there is a very thin line between arrogance and ingenuity. My little project may not be the biggest ambient display to have been created but I’m sure as hell confident that it’s the first time Malaysians will get to see a life-size and working snow globe, complete with snowflakes blowing all over.

What’s my motherfuckin’ name again?

Now you know!


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