Holiday Break, Anyone?

I need a break and I need one badly.

I need a break from office politics, modern slavery, racism, trivialness, imbecility and from some of the people I work with.

I have my work cut out for me the next few days. And as long I finish everything this week, I can look forward to a well-deserved and meaningful holiday with My Small Baby without the burden of being hounded by people’s stupidity and lack of intellectual depth to do something right.

I don’t care and I wouldn’t care. As soon as I board that Malaysian Airlines out of KLIA to the chosen destination, I will be officially on leave and I will enjoy that time away from everything that stresses me. And whatever happens while I’m away, I seriously couldn’t and wouldn’t give a fuck!

But first thing first, I need to finish what is required by this week. And I will finish them.

After that, I am free to enjoy life, even if it’s only temporary.


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