High or Low?

One of the most asked questions I receive when I meet fellow sneakerheads is whether there is a rule and/or a convention on how to where your highs or lows sneakers. I know it’s kinda trivial but for real sneakerheads, such mundane stuff is important.

In the sneaker world, shoes are not merely, well, ‘shoes'; it has gone beyond just protecting your feet while you’re out and about. It has become a symbol of who you are and how you wear them sort of expresses the kind of person you are or want to be.

While there are no rules per se, I have always worn mine consistently the same way, i.e. I only wear lows when I wear shorts. When attired in pants, I wear both highs and lows; the only time I wear shorts and highs is when I ball.

I wear High's ONLY with pants

I wear Low's with pants as well

But I only wear Low's with shorts

Why do I wear them this way? I seriously don’t know.

I guess it’s because it looks better that way. Or maybe because lows are created to be off-court sneaks. I really don’t know. It’s really up to the individual and I admit that most of the times, shorts and highs don’t go well when worn casually. But who really gives a fuck? I don’t and you shouldn’t too!

Of course, I’m only talking about Air Jordan’s, that’s the only Brand that I collect. You may ask about the Mids like the AJ III’s and IV’s as they’re neither considered high’s nor are they low’s. I don’t know about the rest but I can never ball in them – my left ankle needs a real good protection, it was broken when I was 15 from balling and had to go for a surgery that required 48 stitches. So, I only wear the III’s and IV’s for casual purposes and I wear them both with just shorts and pants.

The only time I wear Shorts and High's is when I ball

Seriously, it doesn’t really matter how you pair them. What is important is that you’re wearing your shoes for the right reasons. You may look like a fool wearing shorts and highs but who cares?

Bottom-line, you should wear whatever Brand or type of shoes because you like them and/or if you have a good history with them, not because it’s the in thing to. I love Air Jordan’s simply because I grew up with the Brand and the most memorable times of my life are reminisced and remembered with the knowledge that I had my J’s on when they happened.


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