Crushed but NOT out!

Oh, not just yet.

Far from being out. Far, very, very far.

Down maybe but definitely NOT out!

I just heard one of the most crushing information that could hinder my journey to redefining Marketing in this country. :(

I can’t say it was unexpected though. You see, I can’t help but shine in anything I choose to do and no matter what obstacles you put in front of me, I will always find a way to take them off my path as I continuously march to succeeding in whatever I do.

I'm a shining star; always been, always will!

I guess the war isn't over yet.

Should I continue to fight? Or should I take the high road and just let it be.

Both ways are very much me. The former is the relentless fighter in me, not backing down from any challenge thrown my way specially when I am the one who's wronged; while the latter is just me exercising my class and not being bothered by the little flies that are in my way.

Obstacles only make me stronger

Either way, I need to make a decision.

Yet again.



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