It’s not unheard of for banks in Malaysia to cheat once in a while. It could be from taking a dollar off here and there, specially as and when you withdraw from other banks' ATM’s and what not.

But this is something that I didn’t know till yesterday. They put unusable notes into their ATM’s! I withdrew some cash from my bank’s ATM and one of the notes was torn so bad that when I tried depositing it back, the fuckin’ machine didn't want to accept it! The fucking machine next to the one I withdrew from rejected it!

Damn! How cruel is that? It’s ok for the it to be withdrawn but not deposited? Unbelievable I tell you! Pissed and feeling cheated, I wanted to know if I could use it to pay for something and guess what? Every store I went to refused to even look at it!

I feel so cheated. I am contemplating of going back to the bank and exchange it with a proper note, one that is usable. I'm sure they have a way of checking that it's theirs no? It’s not the amount that matters, it’s the fact that they knowingly cheated an unsuspecting customer; I wonder how many of such notes were intentionally put in those machines, hoping to dupe more customers.

I guess everyone is resorting to being a pariah nowadays and cheat as and when they can. Even international banks which promises you that they are "the world's local bank"!

And we expect to be a developed nation in 11 years time?



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