Can I Please Sleep?

Another day, another sleepless night.

What the fuck is wrong me with me? My battle with insomnia sees me losing yet again. After months of somehow managing this, here I am, back to being wide awake in the oddest of hours.

It’s not that I’m not sleepy, I fuckin' am. I am also mentally and physically tired – two good factors in getting an easy sleep – but every time I go to bed and try to sleep, my mind goes on auto-pilot and overdrive, leaving me unable to knock myself off to la la land.

I don’t know why my subconscious mind is playing with me again. As it is, I’ve got tons of work to finish before I can go for my holidays next week; why can’t my subconscious mind cut me some slack eh?

Damn! I hate this. I wish I had pills to help me go to sleep. Worst, my day today is one long laundry list of concalls and deadlines.

And it starts in 3 ½ hours.

Oh God, please help!


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