Truth Will Always Set You Free

I am in the land of backstabbers to attend the quarterly kick-off convention, And I just got back from the office where we had a session with the new peeps and words can’t express how relieved I am.

At the start of every quarter, the whole team – Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Product, etc – normally gather together to sort of share the previous quarter’s executions and achievements as well as present the present quarter’s financial targets, marketing plan and the whole nine yards.

This entry is not about the kick-off but what happened during the first day.

There have too many rumors about my alleged rebellion against my boss and that I have been actively recruiting the other team members into joining me. This is far from the actual truth.

Albeit I know I am not the only one who is dissatisfied, I have never ever spoken on behalf of anyone of them. Sure I get calls from them to complain about how stupid and incapable the boss is but whenever I am asked officially by HR or the GM, what I tell them are my own personal thoughts and grievances.

Anyways, during the 1st day, a representative from the HR department came into the room where all of us were gathered and much to everyone’s surprise, she informed us that the boss requested for a 360 feedback from all of us!

My first thought was whether it was a set-up? Or does he really want to know? Honestly, after the HR rep explained, I don’t think this was a set-up at all as I don’t think HR would want to be part of such a devious plan.

It was immediately clear after the explanation that he did really want to know. My next thought was, “this guy is really dumber than I thought”! Is he so fucking dumb not to know that people do not take him for a good leader? Or is he just too oblivious to what is happening?

Whatever his reasons may be, I think it was a really stupid, stupid move. I give him credit for wanting to know but it was really the dumbest move I have ever seen from a boss! Granted it was honest and a good intent but still dumb nonetheless.

Anyways, we were all asked three questions:

1. What he needs to continue
2. What he needs stop doing
3. What he needs to start doing

There was an initial reluctance but as soon as the first person spoke, the dam just broke! One by one, the dissatisfaction in his leadership became obvious. And as each of my colleague spoke, I glanced around and every negative spoken was met by nods from the rest.

The whole thing went on for some time and everyone had something negative to say. All through this, the HR rep couldn’t type fast enough to document the whole grievances; that’s how bad his feedbacks are!

And because we had 3 new members in our team, one of the guys jokingly said that for their benefit, we should at least say 1 good thing about the boss! We all tried but fell short and could only come up with 2 – his ‘can do’ attitude even if it is more often than not misplaced and that he is a family man and a doting father.

But that’s as far as it goes. Sad really but hey, the majority have spoken. There is just nothing about this guy that we can even want to emulate or look up to; that’s how a stinker he is as far as leadership is concerned.

I left that meeting with newfound respect for the people I work with. I have always been vocal with my thoughts but for them to openly say what they said is an achievement in itself.

Once and for all, the question of whether it is me who is the problem has been finally resolved. If the rest didn’t think and feel the same way I do, then I know I am the problem.

But the truth has set me free…


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