Of Bogus Awards and Banging of Balls!

The past few days have been interesting to say the least.

On the first day of the quarterly kick-off, the world came to witness the beginning of the end for the imbecile director that we have.

And during dinner that night, he gave out the most bogus awards one could think of! It was obvious from the beginning who would win; it was really a no-brainer as his predictable stupidity had come out in the open yet again.

His so-called “On The Spot” awards were so obviously biased that even before they were announced, everyone already knew who was getting them. And as predicted, it was his posse who all won.

But here’s the twist.

On the 2nd day, the first official day of the kick-off, I walked with our GM to the hall and he asked me if I agreed with the winners list. I just shrugged and told that I had nothing to comment.

That night, again during the team dinner, the GM decided to give his own awards which thump the ones given the previous night. He said that he wanted to give the awards to the people that deserved them the most and when the winners were announced, I was so ecstatic because the awards were based on merit.

Oh, the real winners were people I care the most too! They have always been the best among the lot and it is sweeter because the perception is that they two are my ‘allies’.

Maybe it is wrong but I can’t help but feel vindicated…


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