Not That Old Yet

For the last 3 nights, I went clubbing twice and attended an event!

Oh, I still work, even went to the office on Friday but it had been such a long time when I went out 3 nights in a row and if I remember correctly, the last time I went out consecutive nights was during the Chinese New Year when I was in Penang.

It started with the grand reopening of Zouk last Thursday. I was more curious than anything else and that’s the main reason why I went in the first place. Of course, the management was kind enough to invite me even if I don’t frequent the place the way I used to.

And as soon as I got there, I was reminded of the reason why I don’t really like going there anymore. The place was fucking crowded and the queue was horrible! Lucky for me, I have always been accorded the kind of treatment that the regulars get and despite my lengthy absence, it was nice to know that they still value my ‘presence’ :)

They even had a place reserved for me and when we got in, I kinda felt bad as they had to ask some kids to leave because they were occupying the place that was reserved for me. Anyways, the night was fun and unlike most of the guests, I stayed in Phuture with my Small Baby and the peeps we went with.

Last night, I went to this club called 21. It was my first time there and I never really liked house music but I was there to meet and catch up with some old friends, so I just kinda persevered and blocked the music out of my system.

And a couple of hours ago, the agency that I work with invited to go to some Levi’s event in Menara KL and it was a total letdown. Everything about the whole thing was a waste of time. I bumped into Vandal though who hosted the event.

In the end, I ended up going to the agency’s office to look through and approve our Christmas creative.

I swore to myself that if I ever do anything tomorrow, it’s to get some exercise. I could use some sweat to balance off the unhealthy living I had the last 3 nights. On top of all these, I have thousands of work emails to reply to!


But it's good to know that I can still have fun once in a while :)


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