Happy Birthday Auntie Elaine!

Today is the birthday of My Small Baby’s mom.

And after the backstabbing I got from some of my colleagues in last night’s successful launch, being around people who are real and truly cares for you is a welcome relief.

Together with My Small Baby’s family, we went out to celebrate her mom’s birthday. And because ‘Popoh’ has this fascination for lambs, we went to Amuleto.

Popoh's Braise Lamb

Just look at those smile! She does love her lamb!

My Small Baby finally got the table she wanted to sit in! haha I always like chilling with her parents as we talk about politics and the state of the nation while popoh always continue to amuse me without even trying.

Uncle Steve and I

Small Baby and Popoh

3 generations of beautiful women

It was a great night and seeing my Small Baby happy makes me happy. Unfortunately, we had to go back early as My Small Baby had an early flight the next day.

Me and Popoh

The Chews

Happy Birthday Auntie Elaine! May you have many more birthdays to come...

WDYWT 10/31: Jordan Pound


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