Be Careful What You Wish For

You might just get it!

Total cliché yes but this is exactly what I got!


When I was in Vietnam, I had a good chat with our GM and he commented that despite the fact that I have been excellent in providing guidance to the team, people in the organization - only in Malaysia though - do not or choose not to see and recognize what I have done.

I explained that in my position, seeing the success of the people I work with and knowing that I have played my part - no matter how small they may be – in these successes is good enough for me; that I derived my satisfaction from knowing what I have done.

He smiled and told me “Oh Ivan, but you’re no longer in the FMCG industry”. He lamented that in Dell Malaysia, the need to be ‘seen’ is the only measurement of success, more so for people at my level.

I wanted to reason out with him but instead I replied, rather wittingly I thought, that even if I could easily show what I’m capable of doing, being the head for ASEAN overall, I had no specific country to act as my playground.

Now, I truly believe that I have nothing to prove especially to a bunch of imbeciles and suck-ups in Penang; the marketing teams I work with across ASEAN have nothing but respect and admiration for me. Heck, even our global and regional peeps have nothing but praises for my contribution to the development of the retail business in ASEAN.

Our GM looked at me, smiled and said “you want a playground? You got it! I’ll make you the Country Marketing Manager for Malaysia; make it your own playground and I’m sure that you will do amazing things with it”.

Just like that, I have been made country head for Malaysia on top of my current portfolio as ASEAN Marketing Lead for the Retail Business.

While I don’t see this as a competition against the other country marketing managers, I need to do this for myself; to bury these haters once and for all.

And prepare you motherfucking suck-ups, I will show you what Marketing is all about! Watch and fucking learn!


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