1st in the World!

This morning, the Dell-Microsoft Retail Experiential Store officially opened to rave reviews from the media that were present. This is the first of such kind in the world and I am truly honored that Microsoft chose Malaysia as the venue; it was not easy getting the nod, after all, I had to compete with the other Brands, not only in Malaysia but the world over.

And as always, the people I work with were in full attack mode to jeopardize this success; after all, this would be attributed to me as I am now country marketing manager of Malaysia, on top of leading the ASEAN Consumer Marketing Retail Business.

Unlike the other launches I have done in recent months, this was done in such a haphazard way; trust the people in Sales to mess everything! I only got to sit down with the peeps from Microsoft last Thursday and when I was informed that Dell promised them an event, I was like "huh? what the fuck?"!

The dude from Microsoft then proceeded to tell me that our sales peeps committed to them and when they (Microsoft) asked for an update, it was only then that they were asked to contact me as apparently, I have been planning for the event.

What a bunch of bullshit!

This was only told to me a week before it was supposed to open but hey, I ain't about to let these motherfuckers put me down. Together with the agency, we whipped something up and in a matter of days, we were ready to go.

And when the day finally came, the disappointment in their faces is visible to the world! ha! The whole thing went well and our retail partner as well as Microsoft were ecstatic.

And we were all over the news! LOL

Lesson learned? Don't fucking play with me you bitches!


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