What more can I say?

What else can I say?

No matter what people do, I can't help but be successful in the things I do.

The recent launch in Malaysia is the culmination of the Dell Studio launch across ASEAN and it is only befitting that it ends here; after all, this is still the home of Dell in Asia-Pacific.

But whereas we didn’t face any problems in the other countries, trust Malaysians to fuck things up! After working on this event with a colleague, some bitches tried to change the order of events at the 11th hour!

And what is pathetic is that this particular bitch is the resident “Pied Piper” of Dell in Malaysia. She has been with the organization for donkey years and a lot of people look up to her for whatever reasons. But if you ask me, it is because this bitch has strong cables within the company and plus, she interviewed most of the managers that Dell has right now.

Anyways, this bitch asked the agency to let another bitch take my place during the gambit!

What the fuck?

But then again, birds of the same feather flock together, they say. Because she is a backstabbing bitch, obviously she wants her kind to share the stage with her. She is lucky that I fucking allowed her to be part of the whole event in the first place! Last night’s launch was, after all, a Marketing event and she is not even from Marketing!


But hey, so long as I am still here, this kind of shit would never ever be allowed to happen. The next time around, I wouldn’t even fucking invite her!

All said and done, and for the umpteenth time, all I can say is “Another Launch, Another Success”…


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