What Would You Do?

Sometimes, in a relationship, cracks begin to appear especially when you’ve been in it for quite a number of years. It’s futile to pinpoint who caused the rift; more often than not, both parties are guilty at one point or the other.

The question is what would you do when a relationship has become latent? What would you do when the other party hasn’t forgiven you for your shortcomings in the past? I’m not talking about major mistakes like cheating or anything like that but more like callousness and indifference.

And you can’t really blame the other party for deciding to take things into their own hands and do the things that make them happy. But because of your guilt for the previous aforementioned behaviors, you tend to swallow whatever is happening, thinking that you are responsible for it in the first place.

Even if your partner’s actions have become borderline hurtful and disappointing, you still take them in because of the guilt that you have for driving them to do these very things.

What would you do when you’re faced with such predicaments? What would you do when the one you love finds their happiness in doing things that don’t include you? What can you do?

Do you continue to swallow everything and hope that the changes you have shown to rectify your mistakes are recognized?

Or do you continue to swallow everything because every cell in your body tells you that the love you have for this person will overcome all odds?

Or do you give up and consider it the true love that got away?

What would you do? What can you do?


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