My Next Pick Up (Hopefully): Part II

The Air Jordan Countdown Pack 3/20 will be my next pick-up :)

J-Heads around the world are going gaga over this pack, primarily because of the AJ III Black/Cement's; can't say I blame though...

As always, sneakerehads will always find something to bitch about and this time, they are complaining that the XX is not good enough. I really find this kind of comments bith tiring and amusing; after all the whining, they are still gonna cop them anyways.

Personally, I like the XX's. Yes it is too dark (at least based on pictures) but who cares? I'm gonna use them to pllay ball anyways. The XX's are one of th most best Jordan's to ball in. Honestly, who gives a fuck if they're as dark as charcoal? I don't...

I have arranged with my connects to get me 2 pairs and soon, I'll be rocking them :)

Watch out for this space.



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