Leave Me Alone!

Even on official leave, I am still getting urgent calls and emails asking for my inputs and directions with work-related items.


I mean, what the fuck right? My boss thinks everything is covered with the presence of the in-country marketing managers but why am I still being bothered on my holidays?


For fuck’s sake, I am officially on leave! Doesn’t it count for something? And here my boss fucking thinks that his ‘special chosen people’ could do things without me!

He is just fucking blinded by his hatred and insecurities for me that until today, the dude just couldn’t accept that, for things to move, I am still the man to go to! If only he could be partial, he would realized that even with the presence of his ‘special people’, without me, things won’t fuckin’ move.

And hey, don’t blame if the suckers you handpicked are a bunch of imbeciles whose main purpose in their professional lives is to suck up to you and hope to be rewarded.

Nothing pisses me more than a bunch of imbeciles who ass licks to hide their inabilities and sadly, the new boss came equipped with a bunch of them!

And I’m on fuckin’ leave, damn it! And I’m on leave not because I’m out enjoying myself to shit but I’m paying respects to my religious beliefs!

Fucking inconsiderate people, I tell you.



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