Is He A Retard?

I just received the best news for the day :)

My boss is in Vietnam today to speak to our new distributor as well as catch up with our agency, a routine market visit.

During the meeting with the agency, the GM was telling him how great I have been in helping them execute their works and that I have always been accessible to them whenever they needed my help.

And guess what my boss did; he fucking kept quiet! LOL

Well, first and foremost, if you can’t accept the truth, don’t fucking ask!

He guided the conversation topic towards questions relating to me, asking how I have been dealing with the agency and whether I have posed any problems at all. The prick was probably hoping to hear that I have screwed up somehow but much to his chagrin, only positive things were spoken in relation to me. Ha!

He has tried the same approach with the other local agencies and retail partners across ASEAN and he always get the same answer. Doesn't he learn?

To me, if you expect to hear bad things, do not ask because you will only be disappointed with the replies. Everyone I have worked with have nothing but kind words for me; but then again, I have been the consummate professional when dealing with them.

I guess the dude is just a fucking retard.


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