I Have The Coolest Mom!

My mom is a very practical woman.

She has lots of stuff that most women would kill for but she is not one to have unnecessary items in her possessions. Despite the fact that she could easily get anything she wants, she only buys those that she needs.

More often than not, she’s always chastising me for having too many shoes; always reminding me that it is ‘membazir’ to have stuffs that I don’t get to use.

But despite all these, whenever I need her help to get me the Air Jordan’s that I want, she has never failed me, not even once; after the incessant lecture of course hehehe

Anyways, just recently, during Hari-Raya, without me asking for it, she got me an authentic Air Jordan Cell Phone cover/carrier and it was a perfect fit with my iPhone.

And yet again, without my asking, she got me an Air Jordan sling bag, telling me to stop putting my computer in a knapsack as, with my increasing age, it is not wise and advisable to burden by back with carrying heavy stuff.

Well, my computer itself is not heavy but if you add the other stuff that usually goes in to my knapsack, then she does make a good point.

For years, from an early age, I have always had a bad back due to the heavy load we used to carry during my elementary days. Add that to the fact that I was an asthmatic kid, having a heavy knapsack was medically a no-no.

Isn’t my mom the sweetest for thinking of my health and well-being after all these years?

This is the kind of unconditional love only mothers could have.


Sorry, I forgot to bring the camera with me today :( Hence, no WDYWT


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