Dumb & Dumber

Do you remember the movie of the same title way back in 1994?

Well, it was pretty stupid but it was also really hilarious; the only Jim Carrey movie that I really enjoyed. Oh, and Ace Ventura too :)

But this post is not to talk about that movie; this entry is about two people I work with.

Dumb is the iron lady who has this addiction of poking her nose all over, even at things she hasn’t gotten the slightest clue about. She is a senior manager in our team and while she has her own ‘expertise’ in certain fields, her inherent desire to butt her non-existent ass on everything makes her one of, if not, the least like member of our team.

If one were to judge the amount of ‘bitchings’ people make about her, she would have choked to death over and over and over again by now! Seriously, everyone bitches about her and I can’t say I blame them. She is just one evil woman, fucking insecure and just a total control freak.

I have nothing personal against her, if anything, I actually pity her. She just gets into my skin for pretending to know things when in reality, she knows nothing. She is one of those kampung girls who have tasted a bit of success in her life and has totally forgotten where she came from.

No wonder she is still single! Hahaha I can’t blame the men in her circle, if ever she has one, for not making any attempts; this woman is far from good-looking, scarred face from acne and worst, she acts as if she is all that!

What a fucking loser!

And of course, there is Dumber.

He is supposed to be the leader of the pack but not only is he brainless, he also doesn’t have an iota of class in him! This guy is seriously the most disgusting person I have ever met in my career.

If Dumb pokes her nose where it doesn't belong, Dumber picks his nose during meetings! Really, he does this and he also pinches his fucking pimples in front of our partners! There was this time, in Manila, when he did this and blood started coming out from the open pimples!

How fucking disgusting is that?

I can go on and on but I don’t want my readers to start puking all over while reading this. He is just disgusting and unbecoming of the position he holds.

These two are the main reason why we are suffering right now. While in the last few quarters we are the toast of the company worldwide, the small outfit that was the best in the world. This quarter, we are lucky if we will even meet half of our targets! That’s how bad we are doing.


Things need to change and it needs to happen now.


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