Disgustingly Funny!

I seriously don’t know whether to laugh or be totally disgusted at the things I read in some blogs.

I admit I follow a few blogs but all for work-related reasons. These are the popular social bloggers in the country and have a huge following amongst the teenagers and young adults. And at times, the kids nowadays blindly follow what these people are up to.

Anyways, through the years, I have read many times how they boast about how much clothes and shoes they have! Just today, a very popular blogger was boasting about the amount of shoes she has and even found one that is still in the box and unused.


How many is too much? 50 pairs? 100 pairs? I seriously doubt they have 100 pairs but let us say that they do; what kinds of shoes are these? Manolo’s? Jimmy Choo’s? Stuart Weizman’s?

Or are they your average Vincci’s and other nameless brands that you find in Bukit Bintang for RM50 or less?

I seriously think these bunch of kids need to meet a true sneakerhead for when they do, they will be ashamed to even talk about how many pairs they have in their closets.

Such shameless plugging!

I don’t really give a fuck about such nonsensical things but when it crosses the line of decency and actual truth, I have to say something.

And this is my something.


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