Crazy, Crazy Week!

I'm glad the week is over!

I had a terrible, terrible week. But considering that it is the quarter end for us, such chaos is normal.

However, this quarter, because of the incompetency of some of the new peeps, we are closing in the most painful way. Targets not achieved, political game increased by multifold, ass licking overloads, unmotivated crew, a flip-flop leader whose only decisive action is to listen to the most incompetent of the group; all these are some of the reasons why, for the first time since I joined, we failed to even meet our financial targets.

On top of all these, our sales colleagues are working their butts off to salvage whatever they can to end decently.

For me, the week started rather badly. Because of the imbecility and stupidity of my boss, for the umpteenth time, I was asked to clean up his mess. At this rate, I think I’m ready to move to Indah Water after all the shit cleanings I had to do this quarter.

In 2 days, I had to gather the 6 marketing managers across ASEAN to provide them the direction and 2 days after that; I had to finished the Q4 Integrated Marketing Plan for ASEAN!


In between, there is the standard squabble with the ‘bitch’ who is trying so hard to create a rift between me and the marketing managers in each country. Buoyed by her success of getting the Thailand marketing manager to join their evil empire, she went on a mission to Indonesia to try to recruit the new guy.

Only time will tell if her venture is successful. She has tried and failed to get the marketing managers in the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia last quarter (I was then the interim head of Indonesia).

But in all honesty, I seriously couldn’t give a fuck. Even if she somehow miraculously gets all of them to join her (except Malaysia, I was just made country marketing head) I am still the ASEAN head, duly recognized by both Global and Regional teams.


What a week… I am going to just spend my weekend at home and do nothing but recharged myself in preparation for the coming weeks. My only advantage is that ‘Dumb and Dumber’ are so pathetically predictable that I am always ready for their next moves.

I will be off to Singapore for the Q4 agency brief on Tuesday and off to Ho Chi Minh for the Dell Studio Launch. In between the travels, I need to continue fighting these motherfuckers until they crumble.

My apologies for not posting WDYWT the last few days, I just didn't have the time :(

WDYWT 10/17: AJ V Army Olives/Solar Orange


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