Truth Will Set You Free

Yesterday, I received my half year review and it was disastrous to say the least!

Anyone who gets such reviews would surely have been fired because it was incredibly horrible. Lucky for me, the company I work for is an equal opportunity employer with strong ethics. And I’m even luckier that the policies pertinent to Ethics and Human Resources are from global and not local. If it were the latter and local managers are empowered blindly, I would have been jobless by now!

I believe that the person who gave me my reviews, first and foremost, doesn’t have the locus standi to do so; I mean, the review period is from February to July and he only effectively became my boss in August. And everyone agreed that if my review was given by the right manager, i.e. my boss for that period of time, I will get the exact opposite review.

And the great thing about my company is that if you don’t agree to the reviews, you don’t have to acknowledge it and if you’re forced to, you can bring it up to the Ethics department and this is exactly what I did.

And today, I was given the opportunity to speak the truth…

Placing things in proper perspective, when I joined them in January, we had zero business in Retail. Right now, it makes up 72% of the ASEAN Consumer Business! Go figure!

From February to July, I was instrumental in creating the Retail Business in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam with successful launches; launches that has since become the Best Practice for such activity in the organization. I introduced Retail Communications like the company has never seen before.

Financially, our team was the only one that achieved its stretch target in the whole Dell world! Talk about positive contribution!

So, today, I was able to pull out facts and figures about what I have done the last 2 quarters and it was obvious to everyone in the meeting that the reviews were of personal in nature.

See, the guy I am reporting to right now just hates my guts. Well, not hate but his biggest problem is that he is an indecisive asshole! He listens to people and forms his decision on what others tell him. And the most unfortunate thing is that he listens to someone who is so fucking insecure of me. She is trying to hide her imbecility by picking on me; little does she know, the truth will never be concealed forever and soon, people will know her true capabilities, if ever she has one.

But God is indeed great! What started as a normal conversation between two colleagues enabled me to speak the truth. And today, I addressed a forum that were not biased and fully allowed me to express my thoughts vis a vis the review.
And I know the truth prevailed today.

But knowing him, he will come back and find ways to attack me from behind. But so long as the truth is on my side, I have nothing to fear…

Bring it on you ass!

WDYWT 9/26: AJ III Silver/Sport Red/Lt Graphite-Orange Peel


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