Remember September

I know I have been quiet but it was intentional.

God, I had so many things to blog about – the Beijing Olympics, Anwar Ibrahim back in parliament, what’s going on at work and a million other things that have happened since my last post.

But as I've said, the lack of update in my blog was intentional; why? because I wanted the month of August to be my mom’s month and hence, after the entry about her birthday, I decided not to post anything else.

But it is September now and it’s a new month. And as a huge and sometimes fanatical Air Jordan’s fan, what better way to start my September post with my latest pickups no?

Last month, I blogged about Flying Low and talked about my sudden inclination towards the last few Air Jordan ‘Lows’ that dropped and now, here they are, in the flesh :)

AJ XX3 Low White/Red

AJ XX3 Low White/Navy

AJF3 Flint/Maize-Silver

AJF3 White/Uni-Blue

And to me, if you're a true-blue Jordan fan, anything and everything that you put your feet into should be Air Jordan's! I expect nothing less. As it is, this world is full of wannabe J-heads and only go for the hype of it all without the proper understanding and respect why people like us are crazy about Jordan's.

Isn't life sweet?


Anonymous said...

nice picked up=)

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