Preparing for War!

I spent most of the day today bumming at home but was not idle. I spent the most part preparing for the ‘war’ that I know will be coming in the next few weeks.

I may have won round 1 with the biased and completely baseless review that I got from my boss but knowing him, he is not gonna rest until he will be able to prove that his reviews and comments are valid. And with his character, I know he will resort to anything to get this done.

My colleagues have given me the heads up; calling and texting me that he has started trying to convince them to talk against me and is clearly using his position to make sure that his evil objectives are achieved.

I thanked those who forewarned me and told them, should they be each called in by the Ethics and HR departments, to just speak the truth. The organization is way bigger than all of us, let alone an individual. Yes, he may be holding the position of power but as easy as you can go up, it is also relatively easy for you to go down.

My day was spent collating emails and other proofs to show that his review was not objective at all but instead, borne out of his personal dislike for me. I am not worried - well, a little bit, to be honest – but I know that the truth is on my side and so long as I have it on my side, I should not fear anything.

Going through 9 months of emails received and sent is no joke, I tell you! It’s easy to lose sight of one important email that would make or break my case. So, I spent endless hours going through them to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

But no matter how tedious and time-consuming this is, I owe it to myself and the people who have supported me to ensure that truth will come out and the powers that be would realized that injustice is being carried out right before them.

I need a break right now, will continue blogging later...


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