Notice the changes?

A lot of those who know that I am now working for Dell have commended the changes that they have seen.

We are now available at retail outlets all over ASEAN and we have given the people of the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia the chance to own a Dell personal computers.

And here in Malaysia and in Singapore, Dell is now available in retails stores as well, on top of the normal channel of purchasing via phone and internet.

But of all the changes, the one thing that makes me proud the most is how far we have changed in the way we reach our consumers; our communication materials are more brand-led as opposed to the standard catalogue-type ads that Dell is known for.

Our latest ads to suport our latest products, the Inspiron Mini's - a 9 inch beauty!
(These are yet to be released)

Little steps but they're still steps in the right direction nevertheless.


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