A Nice Change

I have always loved hip-hop and I will always do.

Cliché as it may sound but hip-hop helped go through the teenage angst that happens to everyone in that age. The hip-hop I grew up with is now totally different from the hip-hop that is prevalent nowadays but nevertheless, the very essence of it remains the same.

And if you really know me, you know I never jumped ship even when other music genre started dominating the clubs in the country. I always tell people that I’d rather go to a bad joint that plays hip-hop than go to the best clubs that play house or techno or whatever.

But my interest in hip-hop goes beyond the music; it escalates to the way I live - the way I like to dress, the way I express myself, the way I conduct myself around people and the whole works.

Anyways, I was just surfing when I found this video of Wilow, a Belgian singer and songwriter. This literally blew my mind because it is an adaptation of the huge hit “Ayo Technology” by 50 Cent and JT, in acoustic guitar.

And to be honest, I am not a big fan of 50 cent after his first album. And I actually like this version better; it made the song more understandable and less pornographic! Hahaha

Have a listen and you know what I mean. It’s a good song to listen to you when you just want to chill…

And Wilow even made a video:

Nice eh?


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