Karma's a Bitch

I chanced upon a blog that made me both laugh my ass off and sank my heart at the same time.

It belongs to someone I totally despise and abhor; someone who thinks he is above and beyond the rest of the other sneakerheads; someone who think he is the 'king'. He was instrumental in getting me and another friend banned from a sneaker forum and worst, started his hate campaign to try and humiliate us knowing we couldn’t reply back.

I promised myself and those who stood by us that if ever our paths cross, I will fucking spit on his face. I want to beat his ass so fucking bad but I ain’t gonna do that, I told myself; he ain’t worth my fists. Instead, I will humiliate his sorry ass without touching him at all.

And God knows I intend to keep this promise.

I’ve always thought and believed that he was a total loser, hiding behind the internet to impose his authoritarian ways on the other members and I can’t blame those who wished him the worst in life.

I guess, their prayers were answered.

As I read through his blog, I found out that this guy is going through some serious shit in his life right now. His wife ditched him, took the kids with her and even got a restraining order barring him from seeing his own kids! How fuckin' cruel is that? But then again, they say you marry someone who is a mirror of yourself.

Who’s laughing now?

Honestly, putting our beef aside, I feel for the guy. I mean, I could not even begin to fathom how sad his life is right now. The dude has hit rocked bottom and all I can hope is that he realizes that it doesn’t pay to be a bitch.

Whereas he used to poke fun and abuse those who couldn’t reply back for fear of being banned like us, he is now the laughing stock for his sad and pathetic life.

Isn’t payback a bitch?

Oh, and as much as I pity him now, I still intend to spit on his face if ever I meet him! :)

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