Great Day for Malaysia

As we celebrate the nation’s 51st Independence, I can’t help but feel that major changes are about to transpire in the country. And this has something to do with the political comeback of the country’s most charming politician, Anwar Ibrahim.

From my previous posts about politics in the country and no matter how few of them are, it’s easy to conclude that I am an avid supporter of Anwar and I ain’t gonna deny it. My reasons are personal and I also admire the man for what he wants to do in this country. As for that personal reasons, only Anwar himself and those close to him and my family truly know why. I am far from political and even refuse to be tangled into this web in the smallest of politics like the one in the office.

But after all said and done, I am really hopeful that we end the current government’s tenure of rule and I’m confident that Anwar will lead us all…


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