A Good Lazy Sunday

The plan was to wake up early and do lots of things – continue my preparation and go to KLCC to break fast there but tak jadi at all :(

We slept pretty late this morning, no thanks to Prison Break and Gossip Girl! Hahaha I downloaded episodes 5 and 4 of Prison Break and Gossip Girl respectively. In the end, we got to bed way after 6 in the morning after watching these two.

Anyways, I went to the MAS office in KL Sentral to collect my tickets – going back home to spend Hair-Raya with the family and proceeded to Med valley to have dinner.

I also wanted to see what stuff they have in the Nike store and as always, it’s disappointing that they have nothing! Worst, if you’re a Jordan head, you’d always disappointed as there’s just nothing out here for you.

Anyways, My Small Baby was clamoring for some steak today and we first went to San Francisco Steakhouse but they were only serving buffet so we passed; wanted to go to Chili’s but the queue was so long and in the end, we ended up in this nice little place called ‘Amuleto’.

My Small Baby, being the adventurous eater that she is, tried their ‘Wasabi Steak’ and surprisingly, it was darn good! I settled for the more traditional Spaghetti Oglio and it was good, a tad but salty for my taste but good nevertheless.

On the way back, we passed by Starbucks to get my Hazelnut Latte and Bread Story for some stuff to eat later in the night. And if I am not too lazy, I’ll probably continue my preparation.

Again, I had a good day even though I woke up late.

WDYWT 9/28: AJ XX3 All-Star


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