A Good Lazy Saturday

I had a good day today.

I managed to get an extended rest and woke up pretty late. I picked up My Small Baby from her parents’ place and we headed to One Utama for some R&R.


I broke fast with my standard Nescafe Mocha and when we got to 1U, headed straight to the nail salon to get our pedicures. I know it sounds kinda sissy but I like getting pedicures; not only do they make my feet clean and look good, it also saves me time from doing it myself.

Cleaning your nails regularly is good for your soul :)

With clean nails, we went to Italiannies for dinner. While there, I saw this Arab kid rocking a pair of the AJ 1 BMP’s and just had to take a pic. His dad probably thought I was a lunatic when I asked to take a picture of his son! Hahaha I had to explain that I am a J head and that I like seeing kids in J’s; hmmm, sounds kinda wrong but you know what I mean…

Italiannies for dinner

The Arab kid rocking his J

Anyways, we watched ‘Deception’ after dinner and despite its impressive cast, the movie sucked!

The point of this entry is to stress that one doesn’t need to do anything fabulous to have a good day; anyone can still have a great day by doing trivial things with people they love. Spending time with your loved ones doing ordinary things always make for a great day.

Like what I did today and I had fun…

WDYWT 9/20: Air Jordan XIII White/Uni Blue-Neutral Grey


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