Good Dinner, Good Win and Great Company

Needing a break from my war preparations, I went out after 'Buka Puasa' to clear my mind. I wanted to go to the MAS office in Central to collect my tickets - going back home to celebrate Hari-Raya with the Fam – but decided to just take it tomorrow.

I picked my Small Baby from her parents’ place and had dinner at Empress in the Curve; had my usual pizza but found out that they had a delectable chocolate with cashew nut cake. We originally ordered only a slice but it was so good that we ordered another one!

Oh, the Red Devils have finally gotten the break they needed in the form of a bogus penalty when Ronaldo was tripped in the box. Honestly though, the referee got it wrong’ the defender got the ball but hey this is soccer and sometimes, things like this happens. But in all fairness, we deserved to win hands down. We played the best football we’ve had this season and deservingly beat Bolton 2-0 with Rooney scoring the 2nd.

All in all, it was a good day; I had a good dinner, watch my team finally play and got to spend time with my Small Baby. I also accomplished a lot but my preparations are not done yet. Tomorrow, I will continue to collate information that would once and for all prove that I am a victim of personal bias.

WDYWT 9/27: AJ VIII Low White/Chrome-Met Silver


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