Amazing No More

When it first premiered in 2006, I was hooked and followed almost every episode, if not all the episodes. I was really hooked to the Amazing Race Asia. I even blogged about it after the first episode was shown on AXN.

And to top it all, Malaysia won! :)

I also watched the 2nd season but I was not really into it. Somehow, unlike the first season, the casting was more staged and I felt that the contestants were not as real as the first.

The 3rd installment that aired last night is supposed to be the “toughest race ever’. Perhaps it is or will be but as far as the casting is concerned, the realness had been thrown out of the door.

I don’t need to go far to explain this. Just look at the Malaysian contestants: you have Bernie Chin and her brother and Ida Nerina and some apparent heiress. How unreal is that? I have nothing personal against them, I don’t even fucking know them personally but how unreal could the casting be?

Bernie and Ida Nerina are local celebrities for God’s sake! I’m sure there are a lot of Malaysians who auditioned for the race but to choose local celebrities? That’s just plain entertainment and the very essence of the show - as seen in the 1st season – and that this is a reality show with real people.

How about Thailand? 2 beauty queens! Fuckin’ hey… One of them Miss was Universe 2005 and the wife of Thai tennis superstar Paradorn Srichaphan! Reality show my ass! And she is also the Brand spokesperson for Singha Beer, one of the show’s sponsors!

And let's not forget the couple from the Philippines; did you know that the girlfriend won Miss Universe Philippines 10 years ago? Well, she was technically disqualified because she holds a Canadian citizenship and had to give up her throne.

Where is the reality in this season's show? Really, where?

As they say, sequels would never match the original and I totally agree.


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