The Air Jordan V/XVIII Countdown Pack

Last August 23rd, the latest Air Jordan Collezione or Countdown Pack was released; this is the 7th of such packs and this time around, the pack consists of the Air Jordan V and the Air Jordan XVIII.

Surprisingly, I have only 6 of the 7 packs, preferring to pass on the 2nd pack, i.e. AJ XIV/AJIX. I just didn’t find it good enough for me to cop them.

Anyways, the latest pack is a must-cop for me for various reasons. Firstly, the Jordan V has always been one of my favorite J for personal reasons; it brings me back to the time when I was 18 and the world was my oyster to make something of myself.

On the other hand, the AJXVIII holds a very special place in my heart for two main reasons: i. the AJ XVIII is the first J that my Small Baby took an interest in because – and it leads to reason #2, i.e. it’s the 18th edition and 18 has always been her number :)

And as always, I do my thing and make sure I get the J's that I want. And once I have them beauties in my hands, I promise I will definitely take pics and post them here, unlike the previous 5 last packs.

The verdict?

Not only a must-cop but a must-keep pack as well.


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