The Greatest Human on Earth

08.08.08 is an extremely special day for me.

Today, the queen of my soul, the very reason of my existence turns 60!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful human being in the face of the earth – My Beloved Mother :)

May the Benevolent Allah continue to bless you for all the goodness you have done in this world. Personally, where will I be without in my life? Nowhere!

Thanks for everything mom and I love you!


Anonymous said...

hi there. just wanted to compliment you on your blog. inspiring and informative. BTW, your contact in yahoo is not working ""

do you have another contact email address?

-Ed (Filipino Air Jordan fan from Tokyo Japan)

Ivan Omar said...

Thanks Ed.

You can email me at

BTW, you are so lucky to be in Tokyo; that's one the Mecca's of Air Jordan's :)

Are you a membere of ISS or Niketalk?

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