Flying 'Low'

I have always been a high-flyer, so to speak.

In everything I do, I always aim high. But lately, I have been aiming for more 'lows' in keeping with my biggest passion or fetish, depending on who you ask :)

Of course, the search for all the Air Jordan's available is still a priority in my life and whilst I am still in-touched with my purchases, I somehow shifted my focus to the AJ 'Lows' that have dropped. I mean, the ‘Lows’ have always been there, I have lots of them in fact, but lately, they are growing on me like never before.

As always, when I want some J’s, I call my friends and ask them to hook me up. And as always, they never fail me :)

These are what I wanted and thanks to my friends, these are what I got. My Small Baby is off to New York in the middle of the month and all these babies will be passed to her. (All Pics courtesy of Sole Collector)

AJ XX3 Low White/Navy

AJ XX3 Low White/Red

AJF3 Flint/Maize-Silver

AJF3 White/Uni-Blue

AJF3 White/Black-Maize

I can’t wait!


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