The Evilness of the Corporate World

Why is the corporate world created in such a way that, more often than not, organizations tend to reward the patronizing ones and not the deserving? How often has anyone of you go through the disappointment and anger at seeing a colleague promoted because they’re chums with the bosses?

Better still, why are the people in these country practiced favoritism at the expense of the truly deserving staff? I have seen this when I was in Nestle and now I am relieving this sad state of affairs in my current employment.

With the exit of my Japanese boss, the new regime brings with them their own favorite people and while I am somewhat affected, it is not up to the level of some of my colleagues. I really sympathize with them because they are forced to report to someone who is not only incapable of what she is supposed to do but worst, pretend as if she does.

Before this new people came on board, we are the best marketing team in the Dell world and the incumbent MVP within the Asia-Pacific region. I hate to admit this and sad as it may sound, the reality is that we are never going to be the same again. When the leader is weak and need to depend on an individual – the wrong one at that! – to make his decisions, then we are doomed.

The only saving grace for all of us is that in a few months, this weak leader would be reporting to someone who knows what Marketing is and hopefully, when the time comes, the two would have had so many debacles in their attempt to run the business that the powers that be would know how bad these two really are.

As for me, I know I have the support of the people in our regional team because they know my capabilities and have witnessed first hand my contributions into making us the best in the Dell organization. They have even spoken to the new boss about his pet’s inability to undertake the role she is supposed to do. Heck, if you ask me, they should have told the boss the same thing because, as far as I am concerned, the guy is just so lost when people talk about Marketing!

I mean, sooner or later, the whole organization would pierce through these people and realize that they have appointed the wrong people! And this is what keeps me going; the day this happens is worth the shit that we all have to go through now :)


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