KL Calling

I have been working from KL the past week and I am really beginning to like working from home; at least I can be in whatever clothes I want to be in and I don't have to go anywhere for a smoke :)

I'm going to be here until this weekend and I only have a few days in Penang before I have to start travelling again :( Well, at least I got to spend more time with my Small Baby and even managed to watch 3 movies the last few days.

I miss the days when all I do is watch movies, either at the cinemas or at home. Geez, I can't even remember the last movie I watched! That's how fucking long has it been...

Oh well...

Anyways, I am temporarily based in KL because we are working on something huge right now. If this project pushes through, and I'm sure it will, our competitors are going to cry their asses out! LOL

Seriously, this is really something that the IT industry in the country has never seen. the magnitude of this project will undoubtedly propel us to become the #1 consumer brand for computers. We have turned the Dell Brand around and we're now a strong #2 and once this project is finalized and executed, there is no doubt in my mind that we will take over the leadership in the computer market. We are already the undisputed leader in the corporate segment for both computers and systems and adding the consumer to the mix will make Dell the biggest brand in the country.

Things are happening so fast that I don't really have the time to sit back and enjoy this 'rest'. Technically, I am not on holidays or on leave but because I am working from home, I consider this as my resting period even though I am working most of the time.

Now that we are moving for the kill, I think it’s time for me to request to be relocated back to KL :) If this is materalized, I will be based in our Cyberjaya office but I’d rather be there than be in Penang. I just somehow got tired of the whole place, it is still a nice place to visit but to live there is a totally different ball game altogether.

Even if my request to be transferred will be approved, I will still need to go up there every fortnight as most of my staff are all there. I am just waiting for the right time to bring this up with my boss and with the business rationale that I have duly prepared; I don’t think he’ll say no :)

We shall see what happens...


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